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Technical Framework (Revision 9.0)

All Normative Final Text Profiles

These Technical Framework Volumes provide specification of the following profiles:

  • Alert Communication Management (ACM)
  • Device Enterprise Communication (DEC)
  • Implantable Device – Cardiac Observation(IDCO)
  • Infusion Pump Event Communication (IPEC)
  • Point-of-Care Infusion Verification (PIV)
  • Rosetta Terminology Mapping (RTM)

Brief descriptions of these profiles are available here.

Public Comment

The following documents are currently open for Public Comment:

None currently

Supplements for Trial Implementation

The IHE Devices Technical Committee invites organizations to begin development work based on the following supplements to the Devices Technical Framework. These trial implementation profiles are eligible for testing at subsequent IHE Connectathons.


The Devices Technical Committee has published the following handbooks.

White Papers

The Devices Technical Committee has published the following white papers. These white papers facilitate the use of existing IHE Devices profiles or scope the need for future profiles.


Devices Archives

The archive page contains deprecated supplements and superseded versions of the Technical Framework volumes, white papers and handbooks. As of July 2012, it also contains:

  • Superseded versions of trial implementation supplements
  • Current published versions of the Technical Framework volumes and supplements
Current documents (published July 2012 or later) have generic files names, for example:
  • IHE_PCD_TF_Vol1
  • IHE_PCD_Suppl_PCIM
Those links always return the most recent published document and support linking (Technical Framework Volumes only) to specific sections (section linking details here). File names on the archive page include revision numbers, status and date of publication, and can be used to link to specific versions of a document:
  • IHE_PCD_TF_Rev2-0_Vol1_FT_2019-12-12
  • IHE_PCD_Suppl_PCIM_Rev1-2_TI_2018-12-07