IHE FormatCode Vocabulary
1.1.0 - normative International flag

This page is part of the IHE FormatCode Vocabulary (v1.1.0: Release) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

FormatCode Home Page

Official URL: https://profiles.ihe.net/fhir/ihe.formatcode.fhir/ImplementationGuide/ihe.formatcode.fhir Version: 1.1.0
Active as of 2022-03-01 Computable Name: IHE_FORMATCODE

Copyright/Legal: IHE http://www.ihe.net/Governance/#Intellectual_Property


This Implementation Guide publishes the IHE vocabulary for FormatCode and the IHE managed ValueSet for FormatCode. Given that the FormatCode is contributed to by many IHE domains, this IG is dedicated to the publication and management of the FormatCode vocabulary.

Technical Overview

FormatCode is a metadata element for identifying the technical format that a document follows. This is related to mimeType, but is more specific to the content requirements than the encoding requirement. Therefore a document following a FormatCode may have many mimeType encodings. The FormatCode is also related to the document type (e.g. LOINC document type), but is more specific to the requirements (constraints) of the content.

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The source code for this Implementation Guide can be found on IHE GitHub repository for FormatCode