Interactive Multimedia Report (IMR)
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The Interactive Multimedia Report (IMR) Profile specifies how a diagnostic report with interactive multimedia content can be reliably encoded, communicated and presented.

This profile defines content for data encoding, transactions for communicating the content between systems, and behaviors for displaying the content.

Open and Closed Issues

Organization of This Guide

This guide is organized into four main sections:

  1. Volume 1: Overview
    1. Actors and Transactions
    2. Actor Options
    3. Actor Required Groupings
    4. Overview
    5. Security Considerations
    6. Cross Profile Considerations
  2. Volume 2: Transaction Detail
    1. Store Multimedia Report [RAD-Y1]
    2. Display Multimedia Report [RAD-Y2]
    3. Find Multimedia Report [RAD-Y3]
    4. Retrieve Rendered Multimedia Report [RAD-Y4]
    5. Display Referenced Images in Multimedia Report [RAD-Y5]
  3. Volume 3: Metadata
    1. N/A for IMR
  4. Volume 4: National Extensions
    1. N/A for IMR
  5. Appendix
    1. Test Plan

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